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Android app for Dream Cheeky Thunder USB missile launcher

March 22, 2014



Google ADT includes the missilelauncher App. source code. I connected it to my Dream Cheeky Thunder USB missile launcher. But it didn’t work. 

I found interesting documents which describes the detail of USB HID requests used in Missile Launcher. 

For now I couldn’t download USBTrace for finding out the details of USB HID requests. I have one but evaluation was expired long time ago. Anyway, I installed USBTrace on another computer and found that USB product id, vendor id and internal commands are changed.

You should add the below to device_filter.xml 

<!– vendor and product ID for Dream Cheeky Thunder USB Missle Launcher –>
<usb-device vendor-id=”8483″ product-id=”4112″ />

In, two parts are required to change. 

byte[] message = new byte[2];   // changed 2 from 1
message[0] = 0x02;   // added 
message[1] = (byte)control;  // moved from message[0]

That’s all. 



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One Comment
  1. Mårten Thurén permalink

    Thank you very much! Got mine working with this, but I had to change <!- to and change the quotes to “straight” quotes, minor things.

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